Friday, April 13, 2007

Welcome, Why did I create this blog???

The major reason for this blog is to improve my English composition, grammar and spelling by typing about different topics that I enjoy learning about.

I am a Mexican Engineer living in one of the most Mexican places in Texas, given this blog its name "texmexican curious". My first language is Spanish, and I am still using it like 80% of the time, so I will appreciate if you send me an email when you find a composition error or a typo in this blog, including this post.

I love to learn, and I will try to express my opinions and link to information in this blog. My postings will cover information from topics like personal finance, engineering, software, health, comparing local life with other places, Mexico, life and others.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog like I am enjoying typing it.


Pequeña capitalista said...

Good luck with your english!

En realidad yo yo no lo puedo vender en Amazon :( pero nada impide que un tercero lo haga y se difunda más. Buena idea, por cierto.


Pequeña Capitali$ta said...

Sí te lo mandan a USA si lo compras en o, los mandan por mensajería.... también ya está en